TOWN:  1102 Portville-Olean Road, PO Box 630, Portville, NY  14770  Ph. (716) 933-6658 Fax: (716) 933-7877   
             VILLAGE:  1 South Main Street, PO Box 436, Portville, NY  14770  Ph. (716) 933-8407  Fax: (716) 933-0151

Village Board Term Expiration Email Address
Emily Woodhead, Mayor
Helen Worth, Trustee    
Joseph McLarney, Trustee    
Gene Rogers, Trustee    
Frank Morales, Trustee    

Department of Public Works
T.J. Shaw, Superintendent of Public Works    

Chris Piaggi, Justice    
Judy McClain, Acting Justice Appointed  
Krenda Hale, Clerk of the Court  

Administrative Positions
Krenda Hale, Clerk/Treasurer    
Walt Putt, Code Enforcement Officer    
Ron Brisbee, Police Department